Clark Iron and Metal views proper sorting as the first and most important step in
the recycling process.  The second critical step is to process the materials so
that they can be handled and melted in an efficient manner.  Our customers can
rely on us to process our metals to meet their specifications.  

Clark Iron and Metal ships by truck or rail (located on the CSXT).  Please
Chuck Clark if you have any interest in buying metals in truck or rail car
load quantities.  Listed below are metals we process on a regular basis
Mill Grades
Cut Grades
Misc. Ferrous Grades
Copper Bearing Materials
Stainless Steel
New and Salvage Steel
On the retail side, Clark Iron and Metal has a new steel warehouse.  Many
common sizes are stocked in our inventory.  There are no minimums, and for a
reasonable charge, we can cut all bars, beams and pipe to length.  We do not
offer any further processing such as bending, punching holes, etc.

Bargain shoppers can visit our salvage lot where they can find used steel for
welding projects and various used items offered for resale.