About Us

What started as a family’s means of survival has become a family business that has endured and grown for fifty years and three generations. Charles H. Clark, Jr. traveled the area during the Great Depression trying to buy anything he could find that could be resold for a profit. He bought paper, rags, bones, herbs, walnuts, furs, hides and metals. He learned to find markets for items most people considered to be trash. He began recycling before the word “recycling” was known in most households.

After the depression was over, he ventured into the poultry business and formed Farmers Produce Company. He specialized in the retail sale of chickens, turkeys and eggs, but he could never give up his roots and continued to buy items to be recycled. His son, “Charlie, III” worked for him as a child. He loved the recycling side of the business but despised dressing chickens and turkeys. In 1962, Charles H. Clark, Jr. decided to close Farmer’s Produce Company and open Clark Iron & Metal Company at a new location on Hillard Drive where it still operates today.

Clark Iron & Metal originally recycled most anything that could be recycled. Over time the company has narrowed its focus to recycling only metals. Today, the business is operated by Chuck Clark who took over the business in 1987 after the death of his father, Charles H. Clark, III. The business continues to grow and a 4th Clark generation is now learning the ropes. Over 2,500 tons of metals are processed and sold each month. The metals are sold to mills and foundries all over the U.S. and overseas.


Whether you are selling one pound of aluminum cans or a thousand tons of industrial stampings, you can depend on Clark Iron and Metal for competitive prices and accurate weights. Family businesses don’t last for 50 years in a competitive market without integrity. The Clark family takes pride in its reputation for integrity and will work hard each day to preserve that reputation.

“Safely, Or Not At All”

Clark Iron & Metal has adopted this motto from our trade association, The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. We will operate our business in a manner that will protect the safety of our employees, suppliers, customers and the environment. We have adopted training programs and processing procedures to provide safety in every area of our operations. We will conduct business “safely, or not at all.”